Friday, 20 June 2008

Review illustration for Ip1


BREIF: logo design for a new electro record label in birmingham.
must be a strong fresh design comprising of text and logo.

A New Hope Records is a Birmingham based brand new music initiative, set up with the intentions of providing the freshest and biggest tracks available.

mister millerchips view: beautiful beats and a pleasure to work with. check out the myspace:

more tea vicar, colletive work (my part)

Fran Marchesi was the first to add some lovely line work.
check out her work at

Im getting in touch with a few old buddies to produce a collective illustration piece.
I will add more images as i get them.
if any one is intrested adding a a little bit of ther own personal sunshine send me an email ,
toodle pip

Thursday, 12 June 2008


Fishbowl is a black and white comic based on a 2 min conversation between Dog face and his talking gold fish Murph.
Dog face is a 7o’s one hit wonder rocker who is scared of leaving the house due to incident in 1982 involving two 35 stone obsessed female twins in Tesco’s that led to the death of his best friend and manger Scotty Murphy.
With only the internet and a obscene amount of money from his 1979 hit” Sock it to em Cletus”, he lives a lonely, material life, until he finds a item of interest on eBay, a talking gold fish with the same facial markings as kiss guitarist Paul Stanley.
He calls him Murph after his dead manger, and know lives his life chatting, discussing, but mainly arguing about philosophical issues with a forgetful fish.

More updates and images to follow……………………… this space!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

BLAH BLAH BLAH print design

Type:1 colour screen print
Stock:Challenger 190GSM art paper

I LOVE JELLY print design

Type:1 Colour Screen print
Size: A3
Stock:Challenger 190GSM art paper

ip1 web illustration

Ive been working along side Tom Juby to produce an illustration for his newly refurbished ip1 site.
Tom did all the hard work creating the site and asked a few local illustrators to add a page design to tie in all the diffrent art style that ip1 exhibits each month in its local creative mag, and I was one of the lucky illustrators.
cheers tom.