Thursday, 12 June 2008


Fishbowl is a black and white comic based on a 2 min conversation between Dog face and his talking gold fish Murph.
Dog face is a 7o’s one hit wonder rocker who is scared of leaving the house due to incident in 1982 involving two 35 stone obsessed female twins in Tesco’s that led to the death of his best friend and manger Scotty Murphy.
With only the internet and a obscene amount of money from his 1979 hit” Sock it to em Cletus”, he lives a lonely, material life, until he finds a item of interest on eBay, a talking gold fish with the same facial markings as kiss guitarist Paul Stanley.
He calls him Murph after his dead manger, and know lives his life chatting, discussing, but mainly arguing about philosophical issues with a forgetful fish.

More updates and images to follow……………………… this space!!!!!

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The Wizard of Odd said...

As a fishbowl enthusiast and a lover of lovely lines, this post warmed the proverbial cockles.

The comic sounds wonderful. Anymore work done on it?

I would be honored to link to your blog on mine. Let me know if that's alright.