Thursday, 14 May 2009

Moshi Moshi Records club night flyer: Mrs Moshi Moshi

Stephen from Moshi Moshi Records asked me to produce two flyers, the first flyer is for the moshi moshi club night @ hoxton bar and kitchen on the 28th may and is based on a character design called Mrs Moshi Moshi.

Mr Moshi Moshi will be apearing soon.:)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

3 feet high and rising.

For the 3 exhibition I have created three “one-off” screen-prints based on feelings, emotions, and events that took place over three days By using symbols, characters, hand rendred type, and interlinking shapes.
DAY1: Once Upon a Time

DAY2: Peace & love

DAY3: Zappa

all three peices are one-off screen prints
created for the "3"exhibition
printed on 180gsm Italian Fabiano paper
sized 16"x12" and framed.

10 selected artists are each producing three pieces of work based on any theme and in any medium to create a viewing experience second to none!! The theme of the exhibition has been kept as loose as possible to enable each artist to create work showcasing their unique styles and practices. It is sure to be a heady mix of styles and ideas; mixing it up in the exhibition we have illustrators, graffiti artists, painters, makers movers and shakers'

The confirmed list of artists is…

Simon wild –

Steve rack –

Joel millerchip –

Sam peet

Andrew Gibson –

Chris nunn –

Gemma correll –

Matt farrar –

Gareth bayliss –

Jodi parker –

pop in and say hello :)

Hill mag: Lost and Found

The Hill is a new magazine celebrating every aspect of Cambridge creativity. Every term we publish a 64 page A6 booklet with some of the best comment, criticism and art in Cambridge. here is my little pot doodle called lost and found which will be in the next issue, it may also have a wee poem to go with it.

The current issue is out now and you can get you copy by sending £1 to Pascal Porcheron, Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS. Please include your name and address. If you are outside the University of Cambridge, then please include a stamped addressed envelope for the A6-sized magazine.