Thursday, 14 May 2009

Moshi Moshi Records club night flyer: Mrs Moshi Moshi

Stephen from Moshi Moshi Records asked me to produce two flyers, the first flyer is for the moshi moshi club night @ hoxton bar and kitchen on the 28th may and is based on a character design called Mrs Moshi Moshi.

Mr Moshi Moshi will be apearing soon.:)


Kim McBirnie said...

I love your art work - it really draws you in. Oh and Nanbike Nigel! Excellent. You have a very interesting blog, thankfully lacking in chinz - I'll have to keep an eye on your future posts!
Kim xx

Mister Millerchip said...

hey kim
thanks for your lovely msg.
where you based?

Kirky said...

your art works really nice and thankyou for following me. i didn't think i was that interesting!

i'll go click the follow button now! :)

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Joel,
I'm currently hiding out in a little village in east yorkshire. It's refreshing to come across an interesting blog like yours, when's the next post?? (No pressure.....)

Mister Millerchip said...

why thank me lady, my next post is coming soooooooooooooon, not about my work or an exhibition, ive been shopping online and have recived to illustrative beautys this week, so im going to tell the world, a screen print by steff pleatz from the scraw collective and wee zine called biteproof....awesome.
tatty bye.

Marcus Hadlock said...

I love this- very creative! Nice work- Im your newest fan