Thursday, 25 June 2009


I was rummaging around my Ma & Pa's house in Brumsdale the other week and found a load of my old college work, so I decided drag it all out of the spare room to have a look through.
So after setterling down with a nice cup of Rosie, I began to flick through and reminisce at the frolics of youth and fine art projects that me and the other cronies( note to self, I should use the word "cronies" more) at City College took part in. Whilst doing this I realise there was a lot of techniques that I have forgot due to concentrating on character design and line quality,
dare i say it, i think im getting a bit stagnant with my doodles:(.
so the big question is;

What am i gonna do about it?

Luckily next to my college portfolio was my old faithful blue fishing box(aka Eric) full of inks, paints, and other half used niceties.
So I plan to experiment with inks, paints, Poscas, and something else I turned my back a while ago..........COLOUR!!!

My plan is to produce some colourful mix media piece for a exhibition in October Called "Animal house", so with some inspiration from the colourful Heroes below, several dozen cups of tea, Dog House by SeaSick Steve On Repeat, and a few bisquits(this is a must) I should hopefully be bringing a lil twist to my Two Tone, curly haired characters.
Here’s to Technicolor, wish me luck!!!

Mr Jago & Will Barras

Jeremy Fish

Jeff Soto

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