Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The New English: Tectonic Plates project

The New English: Tectonic Plates project is based on a small selection of briefs to create some Illustrated plates for a exhibition and book run by Paul Bishop from a company called The New English.
The brief I chose was "Hello" the art of introduction.
The image is based on a real life brief incounter between a drummer who was on a lunch break and a random dog that stormed in to the the rehearsal room who mounted his leg and started to beg for a bit of his cheese and meatball Subway. Rich the drummers first word suprisingly wasn’t “what the fu….” But it was simply "Hello....".

Its quite funny how some briefs you work on for ages coming up with a Good Idea and other times the ideas find you, so a big thanks to Rich and Tinkerbell for their help on this one.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A October Fest for Lielow & Sketch


For those of you who dont know as well as dooderling im also one of the founders of Lielow and Sketch, a lil co-operative that puts on visual events from exhibitions to live drawing nights based in ipswich.

Kicking off October with a bark is the wonderful world of Animal House!

We are absolutely ecstatic to be able to bring to ipswich a collection of some of the most amazing artists and Illustrators producing work today.

All pieces in the show are based on and Animals real, fantastical and fictional, come visit the zoo and check it out

The private view is being held on Friday 9th October, space is limited so if you would like to join us Please send an email us and we will make sure your name is on the list.

Next up to astound you is the SquareRoute Show

Mixing some of the most freshest painters, illustrators and Graffiti artists from the UK and overseas

Each artist is producing two pieces of work the only limitation being placed on them is that the work is to be 50 x 50cm in size

Styles and themes will amaze!

This is one not to be missed… your eyes will be left crying for more!!

The private view is being held on Friday 23rd October, again space is limited so if you would like to join us get in touch quickly

Both Flyers have been produced by a true local hero,Gareth Bayliss or as I like to call him "The DUDE"

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Artists for Artists Sake

A fine artist called christian Nunn and I have been asked to do a talk and flyer design for a series of artist talks and discussions called "Artists for Artists Sake" due to the work we do as Lielow & Sketch.

The Brief was to produce a flyer that complmented both our styles.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Laser Art Zine Issue 8

Here are some lovely pics from Laser Art Zine made by a chap in Belguim called chantic, he also design the cover.

One of my Crispin doodles next to a lovely train by Cedric Bouvard


Claudio Parentela

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The swan T

The Swan T-shirts have been printed and are selling like hot cakes :).
The above Lomo picture of one half of the King St Swap Meet DJs AKA The Coca-Cola Kid was found on facebook, he was kind enough to let me use his "NOT GEEK" Lomo photo to show the world,doesnt he look daper!!!!

we have less the 12 tshirts left for sale, if you would like to purchase a few to look like one of the cool kids or get one for you Nan, get in touch :)