Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My dodgy old lubitel 2 that I Bought from Ebay for £3.99......WORKS!!

Cannon Couple

Vintage(Brick Lane)

The end is nigh....with tape

The legend, Kid Acne(Brick Lane)

LDN Bridge & LDN Trees


Andy said...

Wow - these are gorgeous. Did you have to develop them yourself?

Mister Millerchip said...

Thanks Andy, im just learning about photography and lomo and these were on my first two films :)i was going to use them to layer up doodles, but i feel bad working on top of them lol.

Im lucky enough to have a lovely chap that nows far to much about lomo who developed them for me....his name is andy as well.

All I know I used really cheap film in a very old russian camera.

Andy said...

lucky bugger!

Anonymous said...

you know people joel!


Mister Millerchip said...

sort of.