Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blog....... what Blog?

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently Ive been drawing my moldy socks off and doing my fatherly duties in the Millerchip household.
Over the past month Ive been painting a make shift mural in ipswich with a old graff master called Aroma (photos to follow), ive also been working up some designs for a small narrative display For the lovely ladies at Inkygoodness called "Kiss chase" for their next london exhibition called "PLAY" which is full of amazing illustrators, painters, and creators.

Another exhibition im involved in is the mighty DRAWGASMIC exbo in St.louis where they have asked over 500 artist to send in a 11" x 8.5" drawing for a mammoth grid of imagery, my doodle was a picture of bearded man chilling with a few animal pals strumming a base.....I need to get out more.
Last but not least im still working away on my two tone childrens book which is about an epic story of a man that craves something we all take for granted!

Also proberly the most important thing that’s happened over the past month or so, my son freddie has turned one and has also drawn his first doodle.