Thursday, 22 July 2010


Back in June I was invited by a nice chap that draws, spins and make's a super fry up, called Dave Bain to attend an illustration event at the world famous Upfest in Brizzle.

It was an awesome day.
I got to meet some great illustrators, creators, and most importantly a few of the BWD boys (Dave, Steve, and Neil).

I doodled some Edwardian twitchers, drank cider, and sweated quite a lot.

A big thanks to the Inkygoodness painting team for the lovely twitpic of me melting.

I also meet a DOOOOOD called Seb Burnett whos characters are wonderfully funny, I got the below print for freds room.
Top work to Dave thanks for the invite.

photos by Dave Bain, Inkygoodness and the lovely Leila.


michael said...

this is awesome! nice work :)

Mister Millerchip said...

ta buddy :)