Friday, 20 August 2010


***************I N K Y G O O D N E S S******************


A lovely chap called Chris Nunn and I are working on a project under the name European Panda Press. we are starting a Zine press and blog specialising in black and white illustration, graphic design, and art, and was planning on running an ongoing project on the EP website(COMING SOON), where people design and create a European Panda in any medium as long as its black and white.
This submission project will not be printed or sold in anyway it will just be a flickr group that is shown on the blog(when created) so people can get to know about our projects and zines, and as always the art work is copyrighted to the artist, with links to their sites etc.
you can see many of the pandas already creadtedhere.
If you would like to take part please get in touch via our twitter
My European panda is called Borris

Our first zine is being created as I type with imagery from 4 of the best two tone illustrators in europe............. and me(I might as well,aye).
The Zine is called Lost Milk...WATCH THIS SPACE!!!