Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kiss Chase For Play

The past few weeks I've been back and forth to London to take part in the AWESOME Play Exhibition organised by inkygoodness at the East gallery in Brick Lane.
For the show I put together a wee story based on a game of Kiss Chase, where the lovely wheel chair bound Vera is being happily persude for a snog by a loved up Cuthbert.

Kiss Chase is a set of sequential drawings, screen prints,and plush toys, that depict the story and shows the selection of processes I use to create work.

As I'm no wordsmith, here are four fantastic review links that sum up the whole inkygoodness experience:
1.Digital Artist
2.The Collective Review

the talented Dave Bain also captured the night on his magic motion picture recorder box thingy.

A very big thank you goes to kluck for making my designs into 3D plush greatness and a very big thank you to Inkygoodness for the invite and putting a BOSTIN show.