Thursday, 25 November 2010

Share a cold one this Christmas: Get a Grip

The spiffing Sam and Kay from Get a Grip asked four illustrators including little old me to create an A6 crimbo card for the first Get a Grip Christmas card pack, all Printed on 100% recycled paper stock using water based inks. They will come with 4 upcycled envelopes by d!rektrecycling made from maps.

You can pre-order the cards HERE for £5 including postage within the UK. Alternatively, you can wait until they are printed, and buy them directly from the studio at The Custard Factory (Birmingham) in a few weeks time (provided they haven’t already sold out).

The pack also includes work by Darren John (top left), Lee Nutland(bottom left), and Thomas Lacey(bottom right)
There will only be a limited number of cards printed, and will be available and posted out as soon as they are printed in the first week of December (if not sooner).